About 3W

Our journey

Our journey depends on 3 "W"

Who We are?

WE ARE VADODARA BASED A TECHNO-COMMERCIAL SOLUTIONS PROVIDER FOR ALL TRIBOLOGICAL REQUIREMENTS. WE HAVE MORE THAN 21+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN MARKETING INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS. MR. NIRAV MEHTA IS THE PIONEER OF THE 3W PACK MARK PVT. LTD. With more than 21 years of excellence, he brings Freedom, Liability, and the State of Perfection to the market of lubricants. In this business, His words are more valuable than pieces of paper. For far more and better growth, 3W pack mark has Mr. Drona Mehta as Managing Director. With his young and enthusiastic blood, he brings new skills, opportunities, and knowledge to the business.

What can we do?

Mr. Nirav Mehta and Son have skills like creative and critical thinking that help to gain knowledge and understanding of the local market. With these skills and knowledge, they create opportunities to build employment and career networks. With this strong strategy, they cover most of the national market and catering different sectors like - Power Sector / Chemicals / Port Sector / Glass Manufacturing / Cable Manufacturing / Metal Working / Bearings Industry / Dairy / Refineries / Fertilizers Units / Sugar / Corrugated Box Manufacturing and many more to add

Women Empowerment

There is also a unique story behind the name of our company 3w, our company was started by three hardworking and visionary women. Thanks to their hard work, we could lay the foundation of this company. So we would love to always keep the flagship of women's empowerment in our hands.

Our vision and values

Our values depend on 3 "C"


The correct handling of lubricants ensures a long sump life, decreasing consumption and therefore lower costs for top-up quantities and disposal volumes. In this category, you will find information that describe the correct handling of lubricants and help you to extend the sump life of your applied products. Furthermore, we would like to inform you here about topical law amendments, standards, and guidelines that affect you as a user of water-miscible metalworking fluids.


At 3W, all our employees are on the same wavelength. We value teamwork, flat hierarchies, open communication, and a good working atmosphere. We support the professional and personal development of our employees. All ‘3Wian’ are specialists in their fields who continuously improve our products and contribute to our corporate success. From the Northern part of Germany to the international stage
Our cooling lubricants come from the North of Germany; We have international collaboration and services nationwide. we can only fully guarantee consistent product quality and the best customer service by offering them by our local representatives.


With 3W, you have at your side an owner-managed company based in Vadodara. Innovating ideas run in our family. For 21+ years, we have been Marketing and distributing high-quality lubricants for processing metal, glass, and ceramics. As ‘The Lubricant distributor’, we specialize in rust preventive and rust remover. We cater to a vast variety of products in this category such as Liquids, Plastics, Papers, Powders, Desiccants, Tablets, Emitters, Foam, Pouches, Biodegradable – liquids, plastics, papers, powders, etc., and we provide individual solutions for your business all over the nation. 3W stands for products "Made in India".

Our Market

Techno-commercial solutions provider for all Tribological requirements with More than 21+ Years of Experience in Marketing Industrial Lubricants.
We’ve been Marketing Lubricants for Maintenance, Application as well as Production purpose, Wide & Variety of range of products availability and Authentic, Genuine & Guaranteed Products.