Krafft Lubricants, Spain: 

Aerosol, Anti-Seize &
Assembly Paste, Bearing Grease, Corrosion Prevention, Eco-friendly, High Load
Carrying, Hing Temperature Grease, Maintenance Greases, General Purpose
Greases etc

Rocol Lubricants, England: 

Wire drawing Lubricants, High Temperature Chain Oils, Metal Forming Lubricants, Protection
Grease, Overhead line conductors, Drawing lubricants for copper tubes,
Comprehensive range of Lubricants for non-ferrous wire drawing oils, Range of
Lubricants for high performance Wire Ropes. A range of corrosion preventive
for Metal components.

Fuchs Lubricants India Private Limited, Germany/India:
 A high performance brands includes Gleitmo, Vitrolis,
Stabylan, PBC, LagerMeister, Carbaflo, Chemplex, Cassida, Ceplattyn, Urethyn,
SOK, Stabyl, GearMaster, Decordyn.

AGIP Lubricants, Italy: 

Synthetic as well
as Mineral based Food grade as well as Non-food grade Hydraulic &
Compressors Oils, Gear Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils, Refrigeration & Air Compressor
Oils, etc.

Cortec Incorporation, India/USA:

A range of Anti-corrosive prevention products. It consists of Powder, Desiccants, Liquids, Paper,
Plastics, Foam, Tablets, Emitters, pouches etc.

Oemeta India Private Limited, Germany: 

A 116-
Year-old oil company exclusively engaged in manufacturing Cutting Coolants. A
cutting-edge technological product proven to be commercially viable in

Petrelplus Incorporation, Jodhpur: 

A company
informally engaged with Petro Canada – A Canadian Petroleum Refinery
engaged in manufacturing Specialized Lubricants as well as Tailor made

Organic Surface Preparation Solutions, Vadodara:

A water-based
Biodegradable & Organic Rust Remover as well as Alkaline Cleaners.


A Government of India Undertaking engaged in manufacturing lubricants for
General Machining, Industrial Oils, Infrastructure, Power, Steel, Sugar &
Textiles lubricants.

Altrol Petrochem Private Limited, Mumbai: 

A range of conventional products. It includes Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Compressor Oils,
Turbine Oils, Drawing Oils, Punching Oils, Cutting Oils, Vacuum Pump Oils,
Quenching Oils, Spindle Oils, Air & Refrigeration Compressor Oils, Thermic
Fluids, Anti-Rust Oils, EDM Oils, Honing Oils, Drilling Oils, Rubber Process oils,
Textile Lubricants, Printing Oils, Transformer Oils, Pneumatic Oils etc. Also,
tailor made lubricants are also their specialty.

NCOC Lubricants – USA

Heat Treating
Quenchants, Carburising Chemicals & Heat-Treating Salts, Diecasting
Lubricants, Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids, Metal Working Water Miscible
Products, Neat Cutting Oil, Metal Forming & Wire Drawing, Industrial
Lubricants, Rust Preventives, Cleaners, Forging Lubricants, Rolling Oils,
Specialty Products.

Other Brands:

A part from the above listed brands we also cater
requirement of other brands like IOCL, BPCL, Castrol, Shell, Mobil, CPI, BVA etc.